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Hamas: 'Israel opende de poorten van de hel'


Het volgende is interessant:


Israeli defense officials told Walla! News Tuesday that Hamas's military wing was not responsible for firing the rockets on Beersheba. According to the sources, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told an unaffiliated group to carry out the attack in order to disrupt negotiations in Cairo, which were not going as planned.


Arafat werkte ook al zo. Hij gaf de bevelen voor het uitvoeren van zelfmoordaanslagen op strategische momenten, wanneer de onderhandelingen niet naar wens verliepen. Hamas gebruikt nu volgens deze bron dezelfde taktiek. Men distantiëert zich officieel van de radikalere groeperingen, maar zet ze in wanneer dat gunstig is en werkt er tijdens escalaties mee samen. Let wel: het gaat hier om de eerste raketten, waarmee dus het staakt het vuren werd verbroken. Hamas kan nu handig volhouden dat zij daar niet verantwoordelijk voor zijn en aansturen op verdere escalatie, om zo meer uit de onderhandelingen te slepen. Hopelijk trappen de Egyptische bemiddelaars daar niet in. Ook de VS houdt Hamas verantwoordelijk voor deze escalatie, maar Europese politici en media slikken de Hamas propaganda en spelletjes helaas vaak voor zoete koek.





LiveBlog: Hamas: 'Israel opened the gates of hell'


Hamas claims it renewed fire after Israel targeted Gaza home Tuesday noon; Israeli delegation leaves Cairo

Israel carried out at least four air strikes across Gaza on Tuesday and ordered its negotiating team back from truce talks in Cairo after three rockets hit the country's south.

The air raids came minutes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the military to respond to three rocket attacks near the southern city of Beersheba as the two sides observed a 24-hour truce.

Palestinian witnesses and security officials said the air raids targeted open areas in the northern area of Beit Lahiya, in Maghazi in the center, and in Khan Yunis and in Rafah in the south.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage on either side of the border.

Nor was there any claim of responsibility for the rockets fired at Beersheba, which is home to around 200,000 people.

The Israeli foreign ministry declared the rocket attacks a violation of a 24-hour ceasefire, which had been agreed in Cairo late Monday and was due to expire at 2100 GMT.

Latest developments:

12:10 GMT: "Israel has opened the gates of hell," said Hamas in a statement late Tuesday night after a ceasefire which lasted several days, as negotiations seemed to progress in Cairo, was violated. According to Hamas, Israel targeted a home in the Gaza Strip, killing two; the target of the alleged attack is speculated to have been a senior member of Hamas' military wing. Hamas called upon Israel to reveal the reason for the alleged attack, which has not yet been confirmed by Israel.

20:31 GMT: Two Gazans die of wounds sustained in IDF aerial attack earlier in the evening, taking death toll in incident to three.

20:23 GMT: Iron Dome intercepts four Gaza rockets over southern Israeli cities of Beersheba, Sderot; over 30 rockets fired at Israel in last 30 minutes.

20.02 GMT: Hamas claims responsibility for rocket fire on central Israel.

19:51 GMT: Eight Gaza rockets fired at southern, central Israel; one intercepted by Iron Dome in Tel Aviv area. No alarm warning of incoming rockets was activated.

19:32 GMT: Israeli Home Front command orders the opening of bomb shelters in all areas up to 80 kilometers from Gaza Strip border.

19:18 GMT: Israeli strike on Gaza City kills a 5-year-old girl, injures 15, Gazan health ministry reports.

18:21 GMT: Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said she supports strong military reprisals against Hamas in order to remove the group from power and put the Palestinian Authority in its place in Gaza.

18:18 GMT: Rocket fired from Gaza lands in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip.

18:11 GMT: US State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf said that the United States blames Hamas for violating the ceasefire, even though it has not claimed responsibility for the renewed rocket fire: "Rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip and Hamas is responsible."

“Hamas has security responsibility for Gaza,” she added.

17:23 GMT: Rocket fired from Gaza explodes in southern Israeli region of Hof Ashkelon, no injuries reported.

17:21 GMT: Home Front Command asks central Israeli cities to reopen public bomb shelters.

16:58 GMT: The IAF hit 25 targets in Gaza so far in response to ongoing rocket fire on southern Israel.

16:11 GMT: Thousands of Palestinians has fled from their homes in Gaza to find refuge in UNRWA schools, according to eyewitness reports.

15:39 GMT: Rockets fired from Gaza lands in southern Israeli region of Ashkelon and nearby areas. Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted two rockets over Netivot.

15:25 GMT: Rocket fired from Gaza lands in southern Israeli region of Sdot Negev; no alarm was sounded.

15:13 GMT: Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masry said: "If Israel wants calm, it must accede to the demands and rights of the Palestinians."

15:09 GMT: Senior Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri blamed Israel for the rocket fire on its territory earlier, saying: "We do not know of any rocket fire from Gaza. Israel is responsible for the escalation [and is trying] to undermine the talks in Cairo. "

14:17 GMT: Gaza rocket lands in open area in Eshkol Regional Council, southern Israel.

13:58 GMT: Israeli warplanes attack terror targets in Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire at Israel.

13: 50 GMT: Israeli defense officials toldWalla! News Tuesday that Hamas's military wing was not responsible for firing the rockets on Beersheba. According to the sources, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told an unaffiliated group to carry out the attack in order to disrupt negotiations in Cairo, which were not going as planned.

13:47 GMT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman Mark Regev calls the rocket attack on Beersheba "a grave and direct violation of the ceasefire to which Hamas committed itself," adding that "this is the eleventh ceasefire that Hamas has either rejected or violated."

13:45 GMT: Israeli Air Force is currently carrying out air strikes against terror targets in Gaza.

13:36 GMT: The Israeli delegation in Cairo has been ordered to return to Israel following breach of ceasefire, Israeli officials say.

13:25 GMT: Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner issued a statement in response to the news of renewed rocket fire.

"Yet again, terrorists breach the ceasefire and renew fire at Israeli civilians from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. This continued aggression will be addressed accordingly by the IDF; we will continue striking terror infrastructure, pursuing terrorists, and eliminating terror capabilities in the Gaza Strip, in order to restore security for the State of Israel."

13:05 GMT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders Israeli military to respond to rocket attack at southern Israel.

12:57 GMT: Three rockets land in open area near southern Israeli city of Beersheba; no alarm sounded.


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