dinsdag 17 juni 2014

De stilte van de hypocrieten


Veel Palestijnen vieren de ontvoering van de Israelische tieners. Ook in talkbacks en op facebook overheerst vreugde. Ondertussen ligt de nadruk in de berichtgeving weer eenzijdig op Israelische agressie, de vele arrestaties, het afsluiten van gebieden etc. Ik kan niet beoordelen of al die acties evenveel bijdragen aan het vinden van de jongens, maar Monique van Hoogstraten had in het NOS journaal haar oordeel alweer klaar en sprak van ‘collectief straffen’. Dat onschuldige tieners worden ‘gestraft’ voor het feit dat sommige kolonisten inderdaad rottigheid uithalen, hoor je haar niet zeggen. Ook werd gesuggereerd dat het om kolonisten ging, wat niet klopt:


As pointed out to Beaumont, the three teenagers did not live in “settlements in the southern West Bank.” Both Yifrach who hails from Elad near Petah Tikva, and Frenkel who lives in Nof Ayalon near Modi’in, do not live in settlements. Shaar lives in the settlement of Talmon, which is not, however, located in the southern area of the West Bank.


Het grote probleem, namelijk dat dit soort acties in brede kring worden gesteund in de Palestijnse samenleving, wordt volledig verzwegen in de media.





Silence of the hypocrites


You know how anti-Israel activists love to claim that Israel is immoral because they claim it is violating international law?

Have you seen even one of them condemning the kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers yet?

You know...kidnapping which is flatly prohibited under the Fourth Geneva Convention art. 34.

So how are the anti-Israel activists stacking up?

As this JPost article shows, they are positively giddy over the idea of kidnapping minors. (Some are now backtracking, pretending that they didn't know they were minors when the news came out, which is ridiculous because the initial news stories said that explicitly.)

This cartoon by Omar Radwan turning the boys into vermin is getting play on Facebook – including Fatah's official Facebook page.

And, of course, some Palestinians are handing out sweets in celebration.

More damning than the reported happiness is the complete absence of any Arab or anti-Israel activist voices condemning the kidnappings. Not on message boards, not on Facebook, at least as far a I could find. On the contrary, Palestinian Arabs are being told to actively hinder any Israeli attempts to investigate, by destroying evidence.

And the world blames Israel for the lack of peace?

Besides the glee from the overt Israel haters, we are hearing nothing but silence from the more covert haters. While Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and other organizations closely monitor and immediately condemn Israel for perceived wrongs - even before any evidence is in - they haven't yet said a word about the kidnappings that occurred over 48 hours ago.

Apparently, "international law" only applies to certain people, and only in certain ways.


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