zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Hanan Ashrawi en het Arabisch racisme


De onafhankelijkheidsverklaring van Israel, en de VN delingsresolutie waarnaar deze verwijst, laten geen twijfel over het Joodse karakter van de staat Israel. Het voorstel om hier een Basiswet voor te maken lijkt dan ook overbodig, en vooral ingegeven door de Palestijnse weigering de Joodse staat als zodanig te erkennen.

Natuurlijk heeft Elder of Ziyon een punt met de hypocriete Arabische reactie: er zijn 21 Arabische staten, die zelf goeddeels hun vroegere Joodse inwoners hebben weggepest via discriminerende wetgeving, pogroms en repressie. Palestina moet de 22ste Arabische staat worden, met overigens de islam als officiele godsdienst.





Hanan Ashrawi proves her hypocrisy again

Monday, May 05, 2014

Over the weekend, Binyamin Netanyahu proposed a new Basic Law for Israel:


Israel already has Basic Laws that give adequate expression to the country’s democratic nature, and now needs one that articulates its Jewish character, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday, explaining his decision to promote a Basic Law defining Israel as a Jewish state.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that the law he will promote will define the national rights of the Jewish people to the State of Israel, and that it will do so “without infringing on the individual rights of any Israeli citizen.”



Hanan Ashrawi, who heads an organization that had no problem pushing a blood libel against Jews until its European donors complained, is accusing Israel of "racism:"


This proposal is in itself a reflection of the behavior of racial discrimination practiced by Israel against our people, and rooted set of racist laws that prescribed by the Israeli Knesset, which is the headquarters of the only legislation in the world that recognizes the laws and regulations that are contrary to the laws of humanity and the international principles that deny racism."


Really? A Basic Law that emphasizes the nation's national character is racist?

Then why does the Basic Law of "Palestine" hammer away at the Arabness of Palestinians?


The continuous attachment of the Arab Palestinian people to the land of their fathers and forefathers, on which this people has historically lived, is a fact that has been expressed in the Declaration of Independence, issued by the Palestine National Council....

the right to establish an independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as a capital, under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole, legitimate representative of the Arab Palestinian people wherever they exist.

...Palestine is part of the larger Arab world, and the Palestinian people are part of the Arab nation. Arab unity is an objective that the Palestinian people shall work to achieve.


This Basic Law takes great pains to define the "Palestinian people" as Arab, and specifically discusses the "Arab Palestinian people" multiple times.



The answer is obvious. They want to ensure that Jewish Palestinian people do not have any national rights!

As noted many times previously, before 1948 the word "Palestinian" rarely referred to the Arabs of Palestine, and nearly always referred to the Jews who lived in Palestine. You know...Zionists.

The PLO's charter, written in 1964 and modified in 1968 (to include the West Bank and Gaza among its national boundaries,) also spoke about "Palestinian Arab people" and not just "Palestinians." In those days it was still rare to speak of "Palestinians" as meaning only Arabs.

Hence, these foundational documents of the PLO and "Palestine" take great pains to define "Palestinian" as being only Arab - to the exclusion of Jewsthe only non-Arab people who ever called themselves "Palestinian."

When they say, over and over again, "Palestinian Arabs," they mean "Non-Jewish Palestinians."

Is that not racist? 

Not only that, but these "Basic Laws" not only deal with the national character of a Palestine in the territories, but they aim at defining the character of Israel as well, by insisting on the "right of return" not to their supposed state of Palestine but to Israel itself!

So the Basic Laws of Palestine are both racist - according to Hanan Ashrawi's own definition - and they are also aggressive against the state that they pretend to the West that they want to live in peace with.


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