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Syrische moeder bevalt in ziekenhuis Safed

Over de blokkade bij Quneitra is nauwelijks iets (eigenlijk niets) te vinden op internet via Google. Zelfs het onderstaande artikel linkte foutief naar de Gaza blokkade. Ofwel de troepen van Assad ofwel de Syrische rebellen blokkeren het grensgebied op de Golan.
Syrian mother gives birth in Ziv Medical Center



Mother asks IDF soldiers near border fence for help, evacuated to Safed hospital, where she delivers baby boy. 'I was afraid to make it to Israel, but I was more afraid for my baby in case the birth didn't go smoothly at home,' mother says

Maor Buchnik


11.03.13, 18:04 / Israel News

A Syrian woman gave birth to her firstborn in the Ziv Medical Center in Safed on Sunday. The mother was evacuated to the Israeli hospital overnight and delivered a baby boy on Sunday morning.


"There are no midwives in the village and there was no one to help with the delivery," the Syrian mother, who resides in the Quneitra region, said. As a result, she asked IDF troops stationed near the border fence to help her.


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The woman is a nurse, and noted she had knowledge of hundreds of Syrian refugees who were given medical care in Israeli hospitals over the past year.


Mother and newborn in Safed hospital (Photo: Hannah Bikel)



"Fortunately," she said, "the Israeli soldiers in the area saw that I was in a lot of pain, picked me up and took me to a hospital in Israel. I was afraid to make it to Israel, but I was more afraid for my baby in case the birth didn't go smoothly at home.


"We've been eating mainly rice for a while, as a result of the blockade. It's the first time in a long time that I've been eating meat and vegetables. I feel better and I'm relieved; I'm eating and growing stronger and my sweet baby is getting great care."


Mira Eli, a senior nurse in the Ziv Medical Center added: "I'm sure she will never forget her first delivery and she and the child will have a great story to tell." 


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