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Weer VN rapport dat Israel bekritiseert


Dit rapport is van het VN Kinderrechten Comité, nadat Unicef enkele maanden geleden ook al een rapport had uitgebracht over Israel en de bezette gebieden. Unicef noch de Israelische mensenrechtengroep Betselem spreken over martelen van minderjarige Palestijnen, maar wel van systematische praktijken die in strijd zijn met de rechten van het kind, zoals nachtelijke invallen en arrestaties, intimidatie en bedreiging, onthouding van voedsel of slaap en soms fysiek geweld. Aan de behandeling van minderjarige verdachten moet kortom het nodige verbeterd worden. Het kinderrechtenrapport schijnt zich te onderscheiden door eenzijdigheid en deels ongefundeerde beschuldigingen, wat mede het gevolg zal zijn van de werkwijze van de VN, waarin (islamitische) dictaturen een grote vinger in de pap hebben bij het samenstellen van allerlei raden en commissies.


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New UN anti-Israel report even slams Jewish circumcision!



Reuters reports:


A United Nations human rights body accused Israeli forces on Thursday of mistreating Palestinian children, including by torturing those in custody and using others as human shields.

From what I can gather, the UN committee did no original research on this report, but instead relied on anti-Israel NGOs like Adalah and DCI. It is filled with unfounded rumors and long discredited arguments.

But if you doubt for a minute that this is anything but a hatchet job aimed at Israel, here is one section of this report that has nothing to do with Palestinian Arabs:


Harmful practices 
41. The Committee expresses concern about reported short and long-term complications arising from some traditional male circumcision practices.

42. The Committee recommends that the State party undertake a study on the short and long-term complications of male circumcision.


Sure - a Jewish religious rite that has been taking place for thousands of years is suddenly a concern for the UN which calls for a "study" to see whether hundreds of generations of Jews have complications.

Perhaps they are referring to the practice of metzitzah b'peh, which has been marginalized in recent years after reports of health issues, but their recommendation indicates that the UN is taking aim at Jewish circumcision altogether - and only Jewish circumcision! The committee has no such recommendations for the Palestinian Authority or Hamas to study complications that result from Muslim circumcision. 

A quick search through the UN domain finds a number of criticisms of female "circumcision" and many plaudits for male circumcision as a means of controlling AIDS, but at least at first glance I could not find a single negative mention of male circumcision - except here.

It is hard to escape the conclusion that the UN has crossed the line from virulent anti-Zionism into real anti-semitism.




Vice-Chair of UN Rights Panel Works for Saudi Gov’t, Defends Misogyny


Published by 

Hillel Neuer

 - at June 20, 2013    

What the UN forgot to mention today is that the Vice-Chair of the committee accusing Israel of violating children’s rights works for the Saudi government and has a despicable record of apologetics for her country’s misogyny.

About half the members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child come from non-democracies, many of whom take unfriendly or hostile positions against Israel at the UN, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Russia.

Although the Committee on the Rights of the Child is supposed to be made up of independent, objective and professional experts on human rights, Vice-Chair Aseil Al-Shehail — like too many of her peers on the panel — is none of those things.


Not Independent

According to the updated 2013 UN register of diplomats, “Mrs. Aseil AlShahail” (spelled differently, but same person) is listed as First Secretary for the Saudi Mission to the UN. This means she is bought and paid for by the House of Saud. So much for independence.


Not Objective

If you think Mrs. Al-Shehail (aka Alshahail) acted objectively as committee Vice-Chair during Israel’s review, consider what she told the UN on behalf of her Saudi paymasters on 15 October 2009:

ASEIL ALSHAHAIL ( Saudi Arabia) said her country regarded the child as a pillar of the community and maker of the future at both the national and international level…. The Department of Justice was also poised to launch a framework that would manage the marriage of minors and all related issues… SaudiArabia shared the international community’s concern for the child [and] participated with the Arab League in drafting the Arab Charter for Human Rights… Saudi Arabia also supported the Rights of the Child in Islam… Drawing attention to the torture and killing of Palestinian children in the occupied territories, she said the international community must interfere and protect the rights of these children, according to international conventions.


Not Professional

On professional human rights expertise, Mrs. Al-Shehail has a shameful record of telling lies to protect Saudi Arabia’s gross and systematic violations of women’s rights.

Representing Saudi Arabia on 12 October 2010, she told the UN:

The women’s issue was a matter of deep concern for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the development of women was an integral part of a general strategic plan that conformed to magnanimous Sharia.  That was especially the case in education, health, social services and participation in social development.  Several resolutions have been adopted concerning gender equality, including equality on the career ladder and retirement.  Saudi women also participated in various fields with full support from the government.

Similarly, in 2007, she also expounded on Saudi Arabia’s stellar record on women’s rights:

ASEIL AL-SHEHAIL (Saudi Arabia) said that steps had been taken by her country for the advancement of women, with special attention being attached to the status of women based on the principles of Shari’a law, which set out the rights and duties of women. All the rules, laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia, including the Bill of Rights, emanated from the Holy Koran and the Prophet Mohammed…  great attention was being given to ensure the advancement of women.  Saudi Arabia signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 2000; its content was in line with the Kingdom’s policy of preserving women’s rights. Saudi Arabia was determined to care for the human rights of women, she said… Saudi Arabia’s march to advance the status of its women continued in line with the values of its Holy Religion.

Below is the slick brochure the Saudis used to lobby for her election to the UN committee.


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