vrijdag 29 juni 2012

PA tv: hopen op de vernietiging van Israel


Het klinkt natuurlijk te mooi om waar te zijn, dus ik begrijp wel dat zoiets in de Arabische wereld de ronde doet. Uiteraard is de wens de vader van deze gedachte en zogenaamde voorspelling (bron: het Iraanse press TV). Opvallend of misschien beter gezegd onthullend is het feit dat ook de ‘gematigde’ Palestijnse Autoriteit deze mythe nu verspreidt. 





PA TV host prays for Israel's destruction

From PalWatch:


Palestinian Authority television interviewed a Syrian journalist who claimed to have seen a top secret CIA memo from the Clinton administration. This CIA memo allegedly predicted that Israel would not survive beyond the year 2022. The PA TV host responded with a short prayer that this prediction should be fulfilled:  Watch it on YouTube 

Syrian journalist, Al-Bujayrami: "What I'm going to say, no one has ever heard. A report was submitted by the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, to former US President Clinton. It was written on the report: 'Eyes only.' 'Eyes only' means for the President's eyes only. No one else is allowed to see it."
PA TV host: "Top secret."
Al-Bujayrami: "It's more classified than 'top secret.' ... The CIA says [in this report]: 'If things continue as they are, we don't think that Israel will continue to exist after the year 2022...'"
PA TV host: "By Allah, from your mouth to Allah!"
[PA TV (Fatah), June 12, 2012]


I've seen this claim before, and tracked it down to that bastion of truth, Iran's PressTV.

The funny thing is that this report was supposedly written during the Clinton administration and claimed then that Israel would not last twenty more years. Well, it's been twelve years since the Clinton administration, and I haven't detected any weakening. I guess they padded the year to 2022 because 2019 seemed a little unrealistic.

Then again, the CIA did once predict that the Jewish state could not possibly survive. 

The track record of the many who have made that prediction over the years is approximately 0.00%.


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