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Aanwijzingen dat Iran achter bomaanslagen op Israeli's zit

Terwijl de aanslagen op diverse atoomgeleerden in Iran alom aan Israel worden toegeschreven, ondanks het feit dat hier geen enkel officieel bewijs voor is (maar met name een heel duidelijk motief), is men voorzichtig wat betreft de aanslagen in India, Georgië en Thailand. 'Israel wijst naar Iran, Iran ontkent' is de teneur. Dat kan wel wezen, maar ligt het ook in dit geval niet wel heel erg voor de hand dat Iran hier achter zit? Iran zwoer wraak na de aanslagen op haar atoomgeleerden en de strengere sancties tegen haar kernprogramma. De spanningen tussen Iran en Israel zijn de laatste tijd flink opgelopen met dreigende taal over en weer. En het is precies vier jaar na de dood van Hezbolla's tweede man Ihmad Mughnieh, en daaarvoor heeft Hezbollah wraak gezworen. Hieronder staan concretere aanwijzingen hoewel er over India blijkbaar nog niet meer bekend is.
From The Times of India:
Investigators got a crucial clue to the assailant in the footage from two CCTV cameras installed at industrialist Analjit Singh's 15, Aurangzeb Road residence. The bomber, in brown jacket on a motor cycle, is seen tailing the embassy car at 3.10 pm at a distance of 2-3 seconds. The cameras could not capture the registration number of the bike. 

...Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Indian intelligence sources suspected an Iranian connection to the magnetic bomb attack which they feel could be a retaliation against the covert attempts to thwart the Shiite regime's relentless pursuit of a nuclear programme which the West as well as Sunni Muslim countries are convinced is meant to equip the theocracy with nuclear weapons. 

Sources also said Israel had recently confided in Indians their fears of Israeli targets coming under attack from Iranian sympathizers. Sources in Delhi Police did not rule out the possibility of Iranian sympathizers enlisting the modules of Lashkar, who despite their loathing of Shias, are unremitting in their animosity towards Israel.

From Al Arabiya:
Officials investigating the bomb that shattered an Israeli embassy car in India on Monday have found that the explosive was the first of its kind in the country and could have been made by "foreign experts," a senior police official said.

"The bomb was perfectly made and we have never seen such a bomb in Delhi. Maybe, it was made by foreign experts," the official told the Times of India.

Israeli missions worldwide are on alert and coordinating with Indian security forces, IBN Live reported, as a forensic lab report detailing the exact nature of the explosives used in the blasts is expected within the next 24 to 48 hours.

"A sophisticated incendiary device was used in the blast, a first in its kind for a terror attack in India. This has been giving officials cause for concern," the news channel reported.

Sources say the Home Ministry is expecting a detailed report from Delhi Police on its preliminary investigations by Tuesday evening.
From YNet:
A man thought to be Iranian was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off, police and a government spokeswoman said.

Police said at least five people including a foreigner were injured in three series blasts in the Thai capital Bangkok.

"There were three explosions, but no dead," Police Major General Wichai Sungprapai told AFP.

Several Thai television stations reported the wounded man was carrying explosives at the time. They said an identification card found in a satchel nearby indicated he may be of Iranian descent.
Other Thai media fill in the details:
Foreign Ministry is assigned to talk to Iran as a suspect seriously injured in the blast was believed to be an Iranian.

Pol Maj Gen Wichai Sangprapai, deputy metropolitan commissioner was quoted as saying the suspect and two other Iranians rented a house in Soi Pridi Panomyong 31 for months.

The house was suspected to where the bombs were made. However the explosives went off this morning in the house, sending to the three to flee.

Two of them managed to escape while the suspect followed them.

A taxi refused to pick up the suspect who was covered with blood from the blast, so he threw a bomb at the driver, damaging the vehicle. The suspect then walked away and threw the bomb at a police officer who tried to stop him.

However the bomb fell to the ground and went off, mutilating his legs.

Police are now hunting for the fleeing two Iranians.
He said three foreigners were living at the house but two had fled.

I don't know if it was luck or a poorly-made bomb that stopped the New Delhi bomb from exploding the gas tank. My guess is that it was home-built according to Iranian specifications, as it is probably easier to build a rudimentary magnetic bomb than to smuggle one in from Iran. 

It would be interesting to see the types of bombs that the suspects in the Thai blasts were building. 

(h/t Philtheman) 

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