zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Invoer Gazastrook neemt toe

De titel hieronder van Elder of Ziyon lijkt mij niet correct; waarschijnlijk is het meeste geen hulp maar gewoon import waarvoor wordt betaald. Hoewel ik niet weet hoeveel ervan voor UNRWA is bestemd, dat wel een (nood)hulporganisatie is.
Twee- tot driehonderd vrachtwagens per dag lijkt heel wat, maar het schijnt maar een derde te zijn van wat vroeger de Gazastrook binnenkwam. Er wordt weinig in de strook zelf geproduceerd, dus het meeste moet geïmporteerd worden. Basisproducten zoals voedsel worden in principe weer ongelimiteerd toegelaten, maar de blokkade van Israel en de Gaza oorlog hebben wel de economie nagenoeg doen instorten, en de toch al hoge werkloosheid verder opgedreven. Er heerst daardoor voedselschaarste bij 5 tot 10% van de bevolking die de prijzen niet kunnen opbrengen.


New meme: Daily aid to Gaza proves it is a "ghetto"

Ma'an reports:

Israeli forces partially opened the Kerem Shalom crossing with Gaza on Thursday in order to allow in 300 truckloads of commercial and agricultural goods.



Israel has also allowed two trucks of flowers and strawberries to be exported from the coastal enclave, Palestinian border crossing official Raed Fattuh told Ma'an.

Twenty-two cars will also enter Gaza together with communications equipment and cement for international projects, he said.

This is pretty much a daily event. Although Ma'an didn't mention it, yesterday there were 270 to 280 trucks loaded with aid and both commercial and agricultural supplies, including 12 trucks loaded with cement and iron for construction and 48 truck of gravel for UNRWA and USAID projects, as well as the construction of a French cultural center. On Tuesday there were 227 trucks of aid.

The amount of aid going through Kerem Shalom has been steadily increasing over the past year, almost doubling.

So how to the commenters at Ma'an view this?

Sarah from Holland says "Whenever I read this kind of messages, I think: feeding time! Say thank you! The zionists are so sick. They really forgot the holocaust, the getto's, how it feld to be humiliated and treated like animals. Zionists are NO Jews."

"AKeenReader" from the UK adds: "sarah/holland - your views are absolutley spot on. It seems they are taking revenge against the Palestinians for what happend to them, although if one experience such terrible acts you would expect them to understand human suffering. Seems they haven't learnt any lesson. Shame as they are digging their own grave. Maybe Iran's attitude towards Israel is to give some comfort to the Palestinains because Iran can deal with Israel unlike defenceless Palestinians. Soon time will tell."

These aren't Arabs saying this - they are "cultured" Europeans who are often more anti-semitic than the Arabs are. But their Jew-hatred is buried under the pretense of caring about Gazans, most of whom are doing economically better than the Egyptians just over the border (whom they naturally don't give a damn about. Guess why?)

By the way, Egypt closed Rafah yesterday to celebrate the January 25th revolution, and on Tuesday Gazans were complaining that there were extra restrictions on them passing through Rafah. Sounds like Egypt is imprisoning Gazans and treating it like a "ghetto," but you won't hear these European human rights defenders say a word about that. (They used to, claiming that Egypt was following Israeli policy, but they can no longer do that - so they just ignore it.)


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