donderdag 19 januari 2012

Hezbollah leider Nasrallah heeft lak aan VN

Meer dan 5 jaar na de Libanon Oorlog is resolutie 1701 nog steeds niet uitgevoerd. Hezbollah is sterker bewapend dan ooit...


Hezbollah's leader mocks UN. No one is bothered.  



Intransigence without penalty:


Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah dismissed on Saturday a United Nations call for his movement to disarm, saying it was determined to maintain a military capacity to defend Lebanon.

"I affirm today, firmly, decisively and with the greatest conviction ... the choice of armed resistance," Nasrallah said. "These weapons, along with the Lebanese people and army, are the only guarantee of Lebanon's protection."

Mocking a demand by visiting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that Hezbollah lay down its weapons, Nasrallah said he was happy that Hezbollah's military prowess was a cause for concern.

"Your concern, Secretary-General, reassures us and pleases us. What matters to us is that you are worried, and that America ... and Israel are worried with you," he said in a televised speech marking a Shiite holy day.

Ban, speaking in Beirut on Friday, said he was "deeply concerned about the military capacity of Hezbollah" and the lack of progress in disarmament. "All these arms outside of the authorized state authority, it's not acceptable," he declared.


There are a lot of people out there who defend the UN and express righteous indignation when it is perceived to be disrespected. 

I haven't heard anything from them about this.


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