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Hamas bezorgd om welzijn Palestijnse gevangenen in Israel


In werkelijkheid studeren Palestijnse gevangenen in Israelische gevangenissen, en komen ze er bijzonder weldoorvoed uit zoals bleek tijdens de gevangenenruil afgelopen herfst. Shalit was ernstig ondervoed, en werd in Israel alsnog geopereerd omdat er granaatresten in zijn lichaam waren gekomen bij zijn ontvoering. Van gevangenen in landen waar werkelijk wordt gemarteld verschijnen beelden op TV, zoals China, Rusland, Syrië en Iran. Hamas kan er zelf overigens ook wat van, daar kunnen voormalige Fatah gevangenen over meepraten.





"Israeli prisons worse than Nazis'"  


Today's disgusting statement by a Hamas minister:


Palestinian Minister for Captives Affairs Ataollah Abu Sabah said Palestinian prisoners are suffering harsh and inhuman conditions in Israeli jails, and stressed that Israeli prisons are much more horrible than those of the Nazis'.

Speaking to FNA, Sabah said that almost 4,400 Palestinian prisoners are incarcerated in Israeli jails, and added that those prisoners who are sentenced to long terms of imprisonment are kept in central prisons whose conditions are gravely inhume and terrible. 

"These prisons lack sanitation and are overcrowded," he said, and added that Israel is using the harshest methods of suppression against Palestinian prisoners in these jails.

He added that conditions in Ketziot Prison, where many Palestinian political prisoners are held, are even harsher than the conditions tolerated by prisoners in the Nazi Germany. 

Sabah added that prisoners in Ketziot are not safe from night torture. 

Palestinian prisoners have always voiced complaint about the torturing and mistreatment of prisoners by Israeli guards. 

In July, more than 20 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Negev jail were poisoned after eating meals served in the prison's canteen, prisoners reported. 

They explained that after eating burger sandwiches from the canteen the prisoners suffered from diarrhea and vomiting after which they were carried to the prison's clinic but the administration did not tell them about their condition. 

They asked the Red Cross to intervene and demand their transfer to hospital for adequate checkup.


Canteens? Burgers? Red Cross? Treatment in a hospital? 

Not to mention TV, free college education, smuggled cell phones, Halal meals...the list of evil Zionist torture devices goes on and on.

As far as overcrowding is concerned...when Dachau was liberated, the Americans found 32,000 people in 20 barracks - 1600 per barrack - each designed to hold 250 people. 

I would not mind one bit if Abu Sabah finds out what real torture is, first hand. 

By the way, if you want to do a social experiment, the PressTV version of the interview said that there were 44,000 prisoners, not 4,400. Do a search to see how many webpages reproduce that version without giving it the slightest bit of critical thinking.


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