dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Enkelen van de ergste Palestijnse terroristen zijn weer vrij


Hieronder een aantal van de ergste terroristen die sinds vandaag weer vrij rondlopen. 




SIDEBAR: Over 100 freed in Shalit deal on multiple life sentences


Oct 17, 2011, 12:27 GMT


Tel Aviv - Some 129 of the 477 prisoners to be freed by Israel Tuesday in return for the release of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit are serving multiple life sentences, according to a list published by the Israel Prisons Service. 


The list was published early Sunday morning, around 48 hours before the prisoner swap gets underway, to allow Israelis 48 hours to study it and appeal against the release of militants.


The convict on the list with the longest sentence is Walid Anajas, from Ramallah, a commander of Hamas' armed wing, the Qassam Brigades. He was given 36 life terms in 2002 for his involvement in a number of suicide bombings, including that of a Jerusalem cafe in 2002, in which 12 people lost their lives.


Nasser Yataima, who planned a suicide bombing which killed 30 people as they were about to celebrate the Passover festival at a hotel in March 2002, was sentenced to 29 life terms.


Khamis Zaki Aqel, a member of the Qassam Brigades, which carried out a string of suicide bombings and other attacks, was arrested in 1992 and sentenced to 21 life terms. It was not immediately clear for which crime he was sentenced.


Majdi Muhammed Amr, arrested in 1993, is serving 19 life sentences after being found guilty of coordinating the work of suicide bombers, including one who blew up a bus in the northern city of Haifa in March 2003, killing 17 people.


Maedh Abu Sharakh was also sentenced to 19 life terms for his role in planning the Haifa bus bombing. 


Abdel Hadi Ghanim, of Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, was serving 16 life sentences after he hijacked an Israeli intercity bus in 1989 traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and drove it over a steep drop, killing 16 passengers.


Muhammed Daghales was sentenced in 2001 to 15 life terms for his role in planning the 2001 suicide bombing of a Jerusalem pizzeria, which killed 16 Israelis.


Another prominent name on the list is Yehya al-Sinwar, from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, who was sentenced to five life sentences for his role in the 1994 kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Nachshon Wachsman.


A founding member of the Hamas military wing in the Strip, al-Sinwar is the brother of one of the Hamas militants believed to have planned the raid in which Shalit was captured.


Among the highest-profile women to be released are Amna Muna, who seduced a 16-year-old Israeli via the internet in 2001 and lured him to the West Bank, where he was shot dead.


Another is Ahlam Tamimi, one of the first women to join Hamas. A member of the West Bank cell that planned the 2001 pizzeria bombing, she has admitted to driving the bomber to the location.


Israel agreed to release 1,027 prisoners for Shalit, who Hamas has been holding since 2005.

The first stage, to be carried out Tuesday, will see Israel free 477 prisoners, among them 27 women, in return for Shalit.

The remaining 550 prisoners are to be freed in about two months.


Most of the prisoners to be freed Tuesday will be sent to the Gaza Strip. Close to 120 others are going to the West Bank, about 50 are being exiled abroad, 14 are are going to East Jerusalem, and six - Arab-Israelis - are returning to their homes in Israel.


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