maandag 15 augustus 2011

Nieuws en beelden uit Syrië


Zaterdag was er (eindelijk) weer eens uitgebreid aandacht voor Syrië op Nieuwsuur, maar in het algemeen is de aandacht toch slap in verhouding met wat daar gebeurt.  


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Syria updates, videos


From AP: 


Syrian gunboats firing heavy machine guns pounded impoverished districts of Latakia on Sunday, killing at least 10 people in a renewed assault on the Mediterranean coastal city, activists said.

As the gunships blasted waterfront districts, ground troops backed by tanks and security agents stormed several neighborhoods. The sharp crackle of machine-gun fire and loud explosions could be heard across the city.

"We are being targeted from the ground and the sea," said a resident of the al-Ramel district, which is also home to a Palestinian refugee camp. "The shooting is intense, many homes have been destroyed and the shabiha (thugs) have broken into shops and businesses."

He said at least three gunboats were taking part in the assault.


A video of one of the warships here.

This is in addition to the 
3 killed in Latakia yesterday and 20 killed throughout Syria on Friday.

Here is a video of a young man who walked into the Syrian Airlines offices in London and smashed the portrait of Bashar Assad . 

And here is a video, apparently from last week, that shows the minaret of a mosque in Deir al Zour toppling under Syrian fire . 


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