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Is vrede met de Palestijnen onmogelijk?


Elder of Ziyon is geen grote optimist, maar ik kan hem niet helemaal ongelijk geven. Ik zit in een facebook groep die onder de titel STAY HUMAN AND STAY ALIVE-meeting place for peaceful solutions  discussieert over vrede. Daar wordt onder andere geschreven:


It is the Zionest entity that is disrespecting the laws of the Lord. Dealing with interest, oppression, murder, etc. According to the laws, the Zionest Jews do not belong in that land at all. I have no problem with the idea of self determination at all. I have the problem when it goes against another group of people. Just not humane. And Israel has shown that Zionism is a failure to humanity. No question about that. Every God fearing Jew should be disgusted with Israel and fight for their brothers and sisters in Palestine.


In reactie op iemand die voor de tweestatenoplossing pleit, reageerde dezelfde persoon:  


 It would work for me as it is now. Sad and unfortunate. Of coarse it will not work for Jews, because all would be under the same law, access to the same land, and freedom to travel. Jews would have to give up the ideology of Zionism and how they believe they are the chosen people above all humans. Truth justice and peace. Three words that Zionism can not handle. 

I equated that belief with Zionest Jews. You would have to believe the land is yours from God to do what they did. I never said All Jews believe this. I sm aware of the many Jews against Israel and how they know Israel is against everything Judaism stands for.


Net als in het voorbeeld dat Elder hieronder geeft, zijn de Joden in deze groep genuanceerd, bepleiten een tweestatenoplossing en erkennen dat Israel foute dingen doet. De Palestijnen en hun sympathisanten wijzen de tweestatenoplossing af, en zeggen soms dingen als hierboven. Vervolgens krijgen juist de eersten steeds het verwijt propaganda te bedrijven en tegen ‘peace and justice’ te zijn. ‘Peace and justice’ zijn inmiddels al lang verworden tot kreten die betekenen dat alle Joden uit het land moeten opzouten en blij mogen zijn als ze mogen blijven leven.


Het is een vreemde omkering: op het moment dat mensen als Elder eerlijk zeggen dat ze niet meer in vrede geloven omdat de vele toenaderingspogingen van Joden keer op keer afketsen, en Israelische concessies worden beantwoord met geweld, wordt dit gebruikt als bewijs dat Israel en de Joden inderdaad geen vrede willen. Dat de positie van degene die ik hierboven heb geciteerd waarschijnlijk vrij algemeen is onder Palestijnen, ziet men niet als probleem. De Israelische vredesbeweging is sinds de tweede intifada gedecimeerd, maar dat wordt zelden in verband gebracht met het compleet uitblijven van een antwoord aan Palestijnse kant. Een Palestijns ‘peace now’ dat het voor de Joodse rechten in Israel opneemt, zelfmoordaanslagen niet alleen veroordeelt omdat ze de Palestijnen negatieve publiciteit opleveren, en de opruiing in Palestijnse media aan de kaak stelt. Zo’n beweging zou, als er al iemand op het idee kwam hem te beginnen, geen lang leven beschoren zijn. Zowel onder Hamas als PA bestuur wordt tegenspraak en vooral het bepleiten van concessies aan Israel niet geduld. Een paar dagen geleden heeft Hamas weer twee ‘collaborateurs’ opgehangen. 





Why peace is impossible, reason #2671

A most interesting piece in Dissent magazine by Michael Walzer: 

In a “solidarity” march for an independent Palestinian state earlier in July, roughly 90 percent of the marchers were Israeli Jews, but all the flags were Palestinian. Israeli flags were banned at the insistence of the Palestinians, who said that they wouldn’t join the march unless their flags were the only ones carried. In the event, not many of them joined anyway. The Israelis agreed to the ban (though many of my friends were unhappy about it), arguing that their flag had become the symbol of occupation and oppression. But that was only true because the settlers and their far-right supporters always march with the flag, while the Left has given it up. And that may help explain why leftist demonstrations and marches are so small these days.

There are many reasons, of course, for the current weakness of the Left. But its militants might begin to overcome their weakness if they were seen by their fellow citizens to be insisting, with a strong (rather than a bleeding) heart, that solidarity has to be a two-way street. They should say to the Palestinians: we will march with your flag only if you march with ours. And they should say to all Israel: our program, two states for two peoples, offers the best hope of securing the national sovereignty that this flag, which we carry proudly, is supposed to represent.

This is a picture-perfect example of hope running roughshod over reality. 

Let's say you are walking down a city street and see someone wearing this pin:


What are the chances that he or she is Palestinian Arab?

The answer - as everyone knows, even Mr. Walzer - is zero. The market for these pins ends at the Green Line.

Let's pretend that the Left actually insists that Palestinian Arabs march with the Israeli flag, that if they really want co-existence they must show it in a tangible way. How would the other side react?

They would flat-out refuse. They would insist that the Israeli flag represents apartheid, and genocide, and ethnic cleansing. Their faces would blanch at the thought of it. They would tell the leftists - sorry, but even if it means we lose your support, we will never hold an Israeli flag unless it is to burn it.

As has been pointed out before, there is no equivalent to the Israeli and Western leftist/peace movement among Palestinian Arabs. There is no voice - at least none that can be seen in the Arabic media - demanding that Mahmoud Abbas make "painful compromises" for peace, no peace rallies, no op-eds demanding a resumption of negotiations. Is there a single Palestinian Arab dissident, willing to go to prison, for demanding Abbas give up anything for peace?

This article inadvertently proves that real peace is impossible. And pretending that it will happen if Israel does X, Y and Z is pure wishful thinking.

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(h/t Zach N)


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