donderdag 6 januari 2011

Israel stelt onderzoek in naar Facebook groepen die geweld tegen Arabieren prediken

Gaan de Arabische staten dan de vele antisemitische Facebook groepen aanpakken die vanuit die landen zijn opgezet? Dat lijkt me nou een goede ruil, maar het zal wel weer ijdele hoop zijn, want die regimes hebben het antisemitisme nodig om de onvrede van de bevolking te kanaliseren, en stimuleren dit dan ook in door de staat gecontroleerde media.

The Jerusalem Post
2 Facebook groups accused of racism against Arabs
01/05/2011 16:08

State Prosecutor's Office asks police to investigate groups calling for acts of violence to be carried out against Arabs in Israel.

The State Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday requested that police set up an investigation into two Facebook groups that allegedly incite racism towards Arabs.

The Facebook groups, named "Death to all Arabs" and "Protest in Umm el-Fahm against the Islamic Movement," both call for acts of violence to be carried out against Arabs.

The group "Death to all Arabs" has over 170 members and calls for acts of violence to be carried out against Arabs. Deputy Attorney-General Shai Nitzan called on police to investigate the group for inciting both violence and racism.

The group claims "We need to murder each and every one of them," "A good Arab is a dead Arab," and "Death to Arabs, may their name be blotted, wild animals."

The "Protest in Umm el-Fahm against the Islamic Movement" group was established in preperation for a right-wing march in the Arab town of Umm el-Fahm. "Death to Arabs" and "Mohamed is a pig," are just some examples of what users wrote on the group's wall.

Nitzan requested that police ask Facebook to remove the two groups from the website.
According to state prosecutors, the Facebook page of the Israel Beitenu party also carried a link to the "Death to all Arabs" page.

"Since the content of the group, which had 170 followers, included clear calls for acts of violence against Arabs and support for such acts, the deputy state prosecutor has asked for an investigation to be opened on the basis of a suspicion to incitement to violence and incitement to racism," Nitzan's letter read.

The letter also asked "the operator of the Israel Beitenu profile to remove the link to this group," while noting that no investigation would be launched against the person managing the party's Facebook page.

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