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Arabische Liga wil Jeruzalem 'Arabisch houden'

De Arabische Liga wil zich naar buiten toe als een gesloten front presenteren, ondanks de grote meningsverschillen. Israel is dan een mooi focuspunt om één lijn te trekken: handen af van Jeruzalem, de Golan terug naar Syrië, en alle terrorisme wordt veroordeeld, maar het 'verzet' van de Palestijnen en Hezbollah valt daar niet onder. Soedan wordt nog steeds de hand boven het hoofd gehouden, en de Arabische en islamitische identiteit van Irak wordt onderschreven, maar de Joodse identiteit van Israel wordt afgewezen. Syrië riep dan ook de Palestijnen op om de wapens op te pakken en vredesbesprekingen op te geven.


Arab Summit final draft communique
[28/03/2010 11:55]

Sirte, March 28 (Petra - Jordan news agency) --  The final draft communique of the Arab summit currently being held in the Libyan city of Sirte, included a plan of action to rescue Jerusalem by calling on the international community, mainly the UN security Council, the European Union and UNESCO to preserve Al Aqsa Mosque.

The draft communique , a copy of which was obtained by Petra, entrusts the Arab group in New York to call for a UN General Assembly meeting to condemn the Israeli measures in Jerusalem and to form a legal committee within the Arab League to follow up on documentation of judaization measures and confiscation of Arab property.

The statement, which will be issued at the conclusion of the summit today, also includes a resolution that condemns all forms of terrorism as well as the need to distinguish between terrorism and resistance against occupation.

It also condemns the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in the United Arab Emirates and deems this crime a violation of the UAE's sovereignty and security.

On the Arab Peace Initiative, the communique affirms that just and comprehensive peace is the strategic option and that peace will only be achieved through Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Palestinian and Arab lands.

The statement also stresses the need to support the Palestinian Liberation Organization and rejects Israeli stance which calls on Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

The draft also calls on US President Barack Obama to adhere to his position on ending the Israeli settlement policy, underscoring at the same time the Arab identity of Jerusalem and rejecting all Israeli measures that aim at Judaizing the holy city.

It also calls on the international community to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip and open border crossings.

The draft statement affirms the right of Libya to get compensations for losses it sustained as a result of the sanctions that were imposed following the Lockerbie issue.

On the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, the draft statement stresses the Arab support to Syria in its quest to regain the occupied Golan Heights.

It also affirms solidarity with Syria and Lebanon in facing Israeli threats and providing political and economic support to Lebanon.

On Iraq, the draft communique emphasizes the unity, sovereignty, independence and Arab and Islamic identity of this Arab country and rejects calls to divide the country and interfere in its internal affairs.

It also stresses the UAE's sovereignty over three islands occupied by Iran, condemns Iran's continued occupation of the three islands and calls for solving this issue through peaceful means.

On Sudan, the final draft expresses solidarity with the Arab country, rejects any attempt to violate its sovereignty and supports efforts of the Sudanese government to improve humanitarian conditions in Darfur.

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