maandag 2 november 2009

Premier Netanyahu wil hard optreden tegen Joodse terroristen

Aaron Lerner wijst in zijn commentaar hieronder op een belangrijk verschil tussen Israel en de Palestijnse Autoriteit, een verschil dat in de westerse media vakkundig wordt weggemoffeld. Zou de PA een dergelijke man al arresteren, dan zou de druk groot zijn deze 'held' en 'martelaar' snel weer vrij te laten. (Wanneer Israel een Palestijn arresteert die dergelijke zaken op zijn geweten heeft, is zijn heldenstatus des te groter.)
Here's the difference:

Yaakov Teitel will have his day in Israeli court and, if convicted, spend a good part of the remainder of his life behind bars.

Prime Minister Netanyahu isn't asking for Jewish terrorist Yaakov Teitel to be freed.

There are no Israeli security forces planning to capture Palestinians to trade for Yaakov Teitel's release.

The Israeli school system isn't teaching that Yaakov Teitel is a hero.

No summer camp sponsored by a leading Israeli political party is going to be named after Yaakov Teitel.

Yaakov Teitel's family isn't going to get a monthly stipend from the Government of Israel as a sign of thanks for his actions.
Response to Court Decision to Lift the Gag Order
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was updated by security officials several weeks ago regarding the severe details of the investigation and the arrest [of Yaakov Teitel].  In his 29.10.09 speech to the special Knesset session in memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister directed remarks at this case and the possibility that there might be a few others like it: "I believe that the lesson of tolerance and restraint has been internalized by a decisive majority of all sections of the public.But there still exist among us a few who are not prepared to accept either democratic decisions or the rule of law.  They do not represent a majority of the nation in all its sections.  They constitute a small, marginal minority.  But we have already seen the power and damage of one assassin.  We must re-condemn any use of violence and use the full weight of the law and of law-enforcement authorities against any attempt to use violence."

Prime Minister Netanyahu commends the Israel Security Agency, the Israel Police and all security and law-enforcement authorities for their determined activity against those elements who choose the path of violence and who take the law into their own hands.

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