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Palestijnen noemen Hillary Clinton leugenaar en 'door Zionisten omgekocht'

In Palestijnse media en door functionarissen van de Palestijnse Autoriteit wordt Hillary Clinton een leugenaar genoemd, die de boel bedriegt en steekpenningen van Israel en de zionistische lobby heeft aangenomen, en die bovendien het Arabische extremisme bevordert. Een adviseur van de in het westen geliefde en als gematigd bekendstaande president Fayyad schrijft:
"Why, Mrs. Hillary? How much did the Zionists bribe you, and what weight does AIPAC carry in your decisions and inclinations? Have you asked yourself who is occupying whose land? Which side is plundering the land, murdering [its] inhabitants, sowing death, violence, and terror, and destroying human civilization in the region?
Dit toont duidelijk hoe goed Palestijnen tegen kritiek kunnen. Nadat maandenlang alleen Israel steeds werd bekritiseerd omdat het de bouw in de nederzettingen niet voor 100% wilde bevriezen, waren nou de Palestijnen een keer aan de beurt, en dat beviel ze in het geheel niet. Waar Israels reactie op kritiek vaak krampachtig en defensief wordt genoemd, is de Palestijnse reactie ronduit agressief te noemen. Het wordt tijd dat de Palestijnen eraan wennen dat ook zij kritisch worden bejegend en dat ook van hen moeilijke concessies worden verwacht.

MEMRI Special Dispatch | No. 2628 | November 3, 2009
PA Officials: Hillary Clinton is a Liar Bribed By the Zionists

Palestinian Authority officials have expressed disappointment with statements by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who called on them to resume negotiations immediately and without preconditions; they are calling her a liar and inexperienced, saying she has been bribed by the Zionists, and accusing her of being pro-Israel.

Following are excerpts from articles and statements on the issue:

Advisor to PM Fayyadh: "Clinton, Why Must You Lie?" "How Much Did The Zionists Bribe You?"
In an article titled "Clinton, Why Must You Lie?" Omar Hilmi Al-Ghul, advisor to PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyadh and columnist for the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, wrote: "U.S. Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton] and her administration's officials must answer many questions regarding a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. First of these is: Why is Mrs. Clinton lying to herself, to the American people, and to [other] world nations by twisting the truth and accusing the Palestinians of being an obstacle to a [peaceful] arrangement?!

"Why, Mrs. Hillary? How much did the Zionists bribe you, and what weight does AIPAC carry in your decisions and inclinations? Have you asked yourself who is occupying whose land? Which side is plundering the land, murdering [its] inhabitants, sowing death, violence, and terror, and destroying human civilization in the region?

"Mrs. Clinton, your lies can deceive only a few simpletons, who have been led astray - but the overwhelming majority of people can clearly see the truth. Despite all stratagems and coercive pressure [exerted by] your administration, the Palestinian leadership will remain an address for peace [in the Middle East] and for adherence to the settlement option; yet it will never submit itself to your or your administration's rationale of resuming negotiations while construction in the settlements continues."(1)
'Abbas: The U.S. Position is "Unreasonable"
PA President Mahmoud 'Abbas stated: "[T]he U.S. has proposed no new [initiative] to move the Israeli-Palestinian peace process ahead; its position is unreasonable, since a six-month suspension of settlement construction is not the same as a complete freeze - which is a precondition for the peace process."(2)

PA Presidential Speaker Nabil Abu Rudeina accused the U.S. administration of "going back on its promises," and said that it is "unable to fulfill its commitments, and in particular the demand to freeze all settlement [construction] - which Obama set forth in his Cairo University address." Abu Rudeina went on to state: "Washington cannot compel Israel to freeze settlement [construction] because it is not pressuring it enough. If the U.S. administration cannot persuade Israel to freeze the settlements, how will it force it to withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem?

"The Palestinian side still adheres to its former position that all [construction] activity in the settlements must be stopped before negotiations are resumed."(3)

Columnist: The U.S. "Gave a Powerful Push to the Escalation of Palestinian and Arab Extremism"
In a column titled "Obama Should Fire Her" in the PA daily Al-Ayyam, Talal 'Awkal wrote: "Mrs. Clinton has poured oil on the fire. For her, it wasn't enough that the U.S. has been backing down more and more from its internationally [declared] position of championing a freeze on settlements, including natural growth - [no,] she [also had to] praise the position of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, [that is], opposition to a definitive freeze on settlements in Jerusalem and insistence on continuing the construction of 3,000 housing units in the West Bank.

"The U.S. administration has perpetrated a great deception, by backing down from the position that it itself declared and that had [subsequently] been internationally [accepted]. Thus, it strengthened the concerted efforts by Netanyahu and his government to destroy the peace process, and dealt a severe blow to all advocates of moderation, flexibility, and peace in the Palestinian arena. At the same time, it gave a powerful push to the escalation of Palestinian and Arab extremism.

"Mrs. Clinton has [always] been known as an Israeli sympathizer - as a presidential candidate and then as secretary of state. This time, however, she has showed her inexperience in political action.

"If the aim of her visit to the region was to support Senator George Mitchell, her statements at the press conference with Netanyahu undermined [Mitchell's] efforts, and may even lead to his resignation. That is what I would do if I were in his shoes."(4)
(1) Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Palestinian Authority), November 2, 2009.
(2), November 1, 2009.
(3) Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Palestinian Authority), November 2, 2009.
(4) Al-Ayyam (Palestinian Authority), November 2, 2009.

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