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Bedoein met Joodse wortels met de dood bedreigd

DNA-onderzoek in recente jaren wijst op een relatief nauwe verwantschap tussen Joden en Palestijnse Arabieren, die zeker deels zullen afstammen van in eerder eeuwen tot het christendom en later de islam bekeerde Joden. Echt nieuw of verrassend is dit niet, ook vroege zionisten als Ben-Goerion* waren die mening al toegedaan.
Van de Bedoeinen wordt doorgaans eerder een afstamming uit het Arabische schiereiland verondersteld.
(* Ben-Gurion: "The greater majority and main structures of the Muslim Falahin in Western Erez Israel [modern Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip] present to us one racial strand and a whole ethnic unit, and there is no doubt that much Jewish blood flows in their veins -- the blood of those Jewish farmers, "lay persons," who chose in the travesty of times to abandon their faith in order to remain on their land.")

Arutz 7  -  2 November 2009
Bedouin Sheikh: My People are of Jewish Descent
by INN TV staff

( Israel Bedouin Sheikh Salem al-Huzeil believes that he and many others like him are of Jewish descent. In an interview with INN TV, Huzeil explains how a single "tahayat" - mistake – made several generations ago led to his current situation as a Muslim Bedouin leader who identifies as Jewish.

Huzeil was joined by Tzvi Misinai, a researcher who is convinced that Huzeil's story is far from unique. In fact, most of the Bedouins and Arabs living in Israel are Jewish, Misinai says.

In the video, Huzeil tells his story, Misinai explains his research, and both men explain why they believe Israel's Bedouins and Arabs must be informed of their Jewish roots.
Arutz 7  -  2 November 2009
Death Threats against Bedouin with Jewish Ancestry
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( Bedouin in the area of Rahat, northwest of Be'er Sheva, have threatened the life of a neighboring sheikh and set his house on fire following his recent meeting to reinforce ties with Jews and Judaism that are part of his ancestry.

Sheikh Salem al-Huzeil maintains that most his tribal ancestors were Jewish until they were forced to convert during the Muslim conquest approximately 1,300 years ago. Hundreds of Bedouin and Arabs families in neighboring villages are known to practice certain Jewish customs, such as lighting candles Friday night, evidence of their Jewish roots.

Bedouin enemies have reacted violently to his efforts to maintain friendly relations with the Jewish community and to demonstrate for the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. Posters recently have been distributed calling for the death of Sheikh al-Huzeil, although he has said that his tribe has no intentions of converting to Judaism. Several members of his family suffered severe burns after Bedouin opponents set his house on fire.

The Islamic Movement in the south does not want good relations with Jews," noted Rabbi Dov Stein, who as among those who met with the Sheikh. Rabbi Stein has urged Defense Minister Ehud Barak to investigate the threats and calls for incitement. The movement's northern branch is headed by Sheikh Raad Salah, who has been convicted several times for incitement.

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