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Enquete onder 2.402 Palestijnen over conflict

Ook uit deze enquete blijkt dat Fatah veel populairder is dan Hamas, en Abbas meer dan twee keer zo populair als Haniyeh. Verder blijkt dat men de bezetting en blokkade van de Gazastrook niet als de belangrijkste problemen beschouwt (de interne verdeeldheid, economische probelemen en criminaliteit scoren alle drie hoger). Over een tweestatenoplossing en de voorwaarden blijkt men sterk verdeeld.

Findings of the IPI poll of 2,402 Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza between Jun 23 and Jul 17 2009 include:

Here are several options for a Palestinian state. Please tell me which option you would prefer most.
A. First set of options
55%  A Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza, separate from Israel
11% One state shared by both Palestinians and Israelis
11% Palestine joins a confederation with Jordan and Egypt with shared defense and foreign policy
B. Second set of options
37%  A Palestinian state with final borders including land swaps alongside the Israeli state now with all other issues such as Jerusalem, refugees, and settlements to be negotiated
27% Status quo continues until all these issues have been negotiated and agreed
14% A Palestinian state with provisional borders alongside the Israeli state now with all other issues such as Jerusalem, refugees, and settlements to be negotiated

The Arab Peace Initiative calls for:
*. Israeli withdrawal from lands occupied in 1967, according to UN resolution 242;
*. The creation of a Palestinian state on those lands;
*. Resolution of the refugee problem according to UN resolution 194 and;
*. Arab recognition of Israel.
Comparing the Arab Peace Initiative to the status quo, do you strongly prefer this plan, somewhat prefer this plan, somewhat prefer the status quo, or strongly prefer the status quo?

66% Prefer Arab Peace Initiative
18% Prefer status quo

Here are parts of a possible deal to implement the Arab Peace Initiative and establish two separate states of Palestine and Israel.

Favor  56% Oppose 42% Under UN Res 242, withdrawal from all Gaza and West Bank, except 4% land swap for some settlements.

Favor  46% Oppose 52% East Jerusalem Palestine's capital, with Arab neighborhoods, including in Old City, and Temple Mount; Jewish neighborhoods, Jewish Quarter, Wailing Wall to Israel.

Favor  53% Oppose 44% Palestine has strong internal security forces and, after five years' calm, an Army; until then Jordanian, Egyptian troops ensure security.

Favor 69% Oppose 27% Refugees' right of return and compensation recognized under UN Res 194. Host countries, Israel, and 3rd countries decide residency. Return to Palestine free, Israel admits as many as Australia, Canada, and European countries. Compensation paid for lost property and possessions

Favor 56% Oppose 38% Plan's implementation ends conflict and claims. Palestine will be sovereign state. Palestine and Israel recognize each other diplomatically and as homelands of their peoples.

What is your opinion of:
The United States :  Favorable 16% Unfavorable 80%
President Barack Obama  Favorable  27% Unfavorable 69%

Do you think US President Barack Obama will make significant progress on promoting peace between Palestine and Israel based on two states?
Likey 41%  Unlikely 56%

Here are several steps that could be taken to advance the peace process. Please tell me which issue you think is most important
28% Evacuation of settlements/outposts
27% Release of prisoners
13% Further withdrawal from the West Bank
11% Easing of border crossing
07% Halting demolitions and settlement building activity
06% Easing of checkpoints

What is the biggest problem facing Palestine?
44% Political division/ conflict
33% Economic problems
31% Insecurity/Crime
30% Israeli Occupation
 23% Blockade/Gaza

Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the following political figures handle their jobs?

Mahmoud Abbas as President?
Satisfied 55% Dissatisfied  41%

Salam Fayyad as Prime Minister?
Satisfied 46% Dissatisfied  51%

Ismail Haniyeh as Hamas leader?
Satisfied 32% Dissatisfied  64%

PLC Vote Preference
Fatah 45%
Hamas 24%
Third Way 3%
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 2%
PNI 3%
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine 2%
Palestine Islamic Jihad 2%
Independent Nationalist 6%
Don't know/refused 13%

Willingness to Switch Vote
Mind made up 72%
Could change 18%
Don't know 5%
Refused 6%

Presidential Vote Preference
Mahmoud Abbas 52%
Ismail Haniyeh 22%
Other 3%
Neither/Don't know 23%

Re-election Vote Preference
Re-elect Abbas 50%
Elect someone else 44%
Don't know 6%

Leader Attributes Resister
23% Abbas/Fatah
37% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
36% Haniyeh/Hamas

A Strong Leader
32% Abbas/Fatah
39% Neither/Both
01% Don't Know
25% Haniyeh/Hamas

Cares About People Like You
34% Abbas/Fatah
42% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
20% Haniyeh/Hamas

Get Things Done
36% Abbas/Fatah
37% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
24% Haniyeh/Hamas

36% Abbas/Fatah
40% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
20% Haniyeh/Hamas

42% Abbas/Fatah
33% Neither/Both
03% Don't Know
21% Haniyeh/Hamas

Best Party for Issues

Resistance to Israel
29% Prefer Fatah
37% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
36% Prefer Hamas

Reunifying Gaza and West Bank
31% Prefer Fatah
47% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
12% Prefer Hamas

Improving Human Rights
33% Prefer Fatah
45% Neither/Both
03% Don't Know
18% Prefer Hamas

Independent Palestinian State
34% Prefer Fatah
43% Neither/Both
02% Don't Know
19% Prefer Hamas

Reaching Peace witih Israel
44% Prefer Fatah
39% Neither/Both
03% Don't Know
12% Prefer Hamas

Improving Palestine's Economy
45% Prefer Fatah
31% Neither/Both
01% Don't Know
21% Prefer Hamas

What is your opinion of the following international organizations?
UN Favorable 48% Unfavorable 50%
UNSCO Favorable 42% Unfavorable 56%
UNRWA Favorable 70% Unfavorable 29%

What is your opinion of the following countries?
(Percent Favorable)
Jordan 81%UAE  80% Qatar  79% Saudi Arabia  76%
Lebanon  74% Egypt  69% Kuwait  68%
Syria  62% Morocco 61% Iran 50%

What is your opinion of the following countries and international organizations?
(Percent Favorable)
The European Union 54% France  21%
Britain 18% The United States  16%  Israel 6%

Who do you perceive as Palestine's closest ally in the region?
Egypt: 23%
Nobody: 15%
Jordan: 14%
Iran: 12%
Syria: 11%
Saudi Arabia: 8%
UAE: 8%
Qatar: 4%

Who do you perceive as Palestine's greatest threat in the region?
Israel: 76%
USA:  9%
Iran: 6%
Other: 4%
Jordan: 3%
Nobody: 1%

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