zondag 20 september 2009

Amerikaanse vrouw door Palestijnse echtgenoot gevangen gehouden op Westoever, bevrijd door IDF soldaten

Dit soort toestanden komen zelfs in Nederland voor, afgezien van de spectaculaire bevrijdingsactie dan.
According to the Jerusalem Post and Israel radio, ten former IDF combat soldiers rescued a US citizen and her two-and-a-half year old son from a Palestinian village in the Tulkarm area where they had been held captive for 3 years. The woman, who  married a young Palestinian man she met in the United States, was being held captive in his house, together with their son.

The man's first wife and four children from the first marriage also live in the house. Presumably, he is "married" to both women under Muslim law, but the religion of the husband was not stated in the report. The woman's husband hit her, prevented her from leaving the house and threatened that if she left she would never see their son again. He also threatened that if she left the home she would be apprehended by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) though it is not clear why that was a threat.

Efforts to bring about the woman's release by contacting Palestinian Authority officials failed. The woman's parents then contacted a Jewish American man who had served in a combat unit in the IDF. He contacted friends in Israel who planned the rescue operation for several weeks, gathering intelligence on the family's routine, and carrying it out successfully on Monday.

The woman and her son were brought to the US consulate in Jerusalem. They left Israel to return to Ohio on Tuesday.

Giora, one of the men who took part in the rescue, explained  that while the IDF was not aware of the operation, the US consulate was updated about every step of the mission. Carrying out military operations without coordinating with the IDF seems like a risky proposition, if indeed the IDF did not know.

"The rescue mission was planned similarly to operations carried out during my time in the military service in a way that ensured no lives were endangered," Giora told Israel Radio.

It seems that the soldiers were not paid in advance for their work, but Giora said the family have promised to compensate the men for freeing their daughter,

We can  see the comments of various anti-Israel bloggers, Christian Peace Team and rights organizations on this mission, "Mercenary former members of the IOF break up happy Palestinian family." "Gross violation of Palestinian sovereignty." "Insufferable provocation of the colonialist occupation forces, worse than Nazi raids."

Ami Isseroff


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