zaterdag 23 mei 2009

IDF doodt twee Palestijnse terroristen nabij Gaza hek

Israel verijdelt geregeld aanslagen en infiltratiepogingen vanuit de Gazastrook. Op de Westoever schieten Palestijnse politieagenten op Israelische soldaten omdat zij een bevel te stoppen negeerden.

IDF kills two Palestinian terrorists near Gaza fence
By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent, and Agencies
Last update - 07:45 22/05/2009

Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed two Palestinian terrorists early Friday morning near the security fence along the Gaza-Israel border.

The pre-dawn incident occurred near the Kerem Hashalom crossing, as IDF troops observed the Palestinians approaching the fence with the intention of planting an explosive device. The soldiers then opened fire, killing both Palestinians. There were no injuries reported among the soldiers.

In addition to the explosives, a search of the bodies of the dead Palestinians turned up two AK-47 assault rifles and a number of grenades.

In recent months the IDF has successfully thwarted a number of such attempted terrorist attacks, particularly due to the heavy surveillance deployed around the Gaza Strip.

Inadvertent clash in West Bank

Palestinian police opened fire on IDF soldiers riding in an ice cream truck in the West Bank on Thursday, a Palestinian security source said. The shootout left two Israelis and a Palestinian wounded.

The overnight gunbattle appeared to be the latest instance of Israeli undercover forces clashing accidentally with increasingly active Western-backed PA security forces.

Israel's military command confirmed the soldiers were lightly wounded in the incident in Qalqilya, and said troops had arrested 26 Palestinian suspects in armed raids across the occupied territory early yesterday.

A senior Palestinian security source said police opened fire at the truck after it ignored orders to halt.

Israeli forces had not coordinated any military activity with the Palestinians, as they customarily do, the source said.

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