dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Slechts kwart Palestijnen in Gaza steunt Hamas

Tot zover de zogenaamde enorme toename van Hamas' populariteit in Gaza, waar Sander van Hoorn en anderen het steeds over hadden.

Last update - 13:08 09/02/2009       
Survey: Only one in four Gazans supports Hamas
By Haaretz Service
Only a quarter of the Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas, Army Radio reported Monday.
According to the findings of a new poll conducted in Gaza, support in the ruling Hamas government has drastically gone down following the Israel Defense Forces offensive in the coastal strip.
Only 28% of the Palestinians now say they support Hamas, compared to 51% who voiced their support for Hamas in November 2008.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' moderate Fatah party has seen a rise in favorability rate, with 42% of the Palestinians in Gaza now supporting Fatah, compared to 31% in November.
Despite the findings of the poll, more than half of those questioned said they hold Israel responsible for the recent escalation in Gaza

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