donderdag 12 februari 2009

(Satire:) Nieuwe Joods-Zionistische Provocatie

In de Arabische (en ook de Nederlandse) pers wordt de Israelische 'ruk naar rechts' gehekeld. Maar in de Arabische wereld zelf valt er niet veel te kiezen......

An egregious provocation of the Jew Zionist Tel-Aviv regime occurred on February 10, 2009. All right thinking progressive peoples should be organizing protests. All progressive nations such as Libya and Saudi Arabia should be initiating a severe security council reprimand.

For the eighteenth time in their history, the apartheid Tel-Aviv regime has held free elections, a clear affront to right thinking Arab peoples everywhere, and otherwise nearly unheard of in the Middle East. Did not the clarion voice of progressivism in the Middle East, the Saudi Arab News, rightly protest that the Zionist elections would not bring peace? In Saudi Arabia of course, there is no danger of any such heretical practice of elections.

Imagine the horror of right thinking Arab peoples: In Israel, the communist party is allowed to run alongside Zionist parties, and the communists are not the most radical. Most of the parties have female candidates, and most support the teaching of evolution as well as rights for homosexuals. Such horrors are unheard of in well run countries like Saudi Arabia of course.

In Syria, Omr Jaftali asks in Tishreen, "Which new extremist will be elected?" Syrians have no such uncertainty of course. They know precisely which extremist will be elected, because only one extremist is ever running, and he always gets well over 90% of the vote. There is no election night tension in Syria.

In Egypt, where any party can run as long as they agree with the government, media are likewise justifiably outraged. Who can blame them? The Jew Zionists of the Tel-Aviv government insist on holding this embarrassing rite of elections, contrary to all customs in the Middle East. Over 30 parties competed in the elections, and not one of them has its own army! Between all the Israeli parties, there is not a single armed faction or assault rifle. The closest thing to that was an old cache of arms from the Israel War of Independence discovered in Kibbutz Nirim not long ago.

The right-thinking Hamas, democratically chosen by the Palestinian people after throwing a sufficient number of them off tall buildings in Gaza, use a different procedure for deciding issues. Hamas has recently killed tens of opposition figures in Gaza according to Amnesty International. There is no problem deciding which extremist will run the government in Gaza.

Arab world commentators are excited because a party that wants to deny citizenship to disloyal Arab citizens might get as much as 15% of the vote in Israel. Arab countries have no such problems. Disloyal citizens are hanged or in some cases gassed en masse. Most Arab countries expelled their Jewish population, loyal or not, a long time ago. Non-Muslims cannot be citizens at all in Saudi Arabia, and they cannot even enter the city of Mecca. In Egypt, candidates sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood got about 20% of the vote in the last elections. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to establish a Caliphate throughout the world and make Islam the state religion everywhere. They are not considered an extremist party of course, not by any means.

There was a serious violation of democratic decorum during this Zionist provocation. A candidate of a right-wing party was barred from exercising his right to oversee elections in Um-el-Fahm, after Arab demonstrators created a violent mob scene.

These elections are a sinister Zionist propaganda coup to gain sympathy with the West - clearly planned by the Israel Lobby. Palestine Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace and all the other right-thinking and progressive forces should urge President Obama, the EU and the UN to institute a Secular Arab Palestinian Democracy in occupied Palestine, similar to the flourishing democracies in Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya, and eliminate this blot on the almost perfect Human Rights Record of the Middle East. Perfectly awful, that is.

Ami Isseroff

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