vrijdag 13 februari 2009

Langdurig staakt-het-vuren Israel-Hamas over 2 dagen bekendgemaakt

En wat als de nieuwe regering het daar straks helemaal niet mee eens is?? In Nederland mag een demissionair kabinet geen grote beslissingen meer nemen, maar in Israel werkt dat blijkbaar iets anders.... Het maakt de kans dat het staakt-het-vuren standhoudt er niet groter op.
Last update - 23:58 12/02/2009
Hamas: Egypt to announce Gaza truce in 2 days
By The Associated Press

The official Egyptian news agency is reporting that a top Hamas leader says the militant group has agreed to a long-term truce deal with Israel over the Gaza Strip.

Moussa Abu Marzouk told MENA that Egypt would announce the truce in two days after consulting with other Palestinian factions.

It was unclear whether Israel had already agreed to truce.
Marzouk told the agency that under the Egyptian-brokered deal Israel will reopen six border crossings with the Strip.

Egypt is trying to mediate a truce deal between Hamas and Israel to solidify a cease-fire that ended Israel's devastating 22-day offensive in Gaza in mid January.

Earlier on Thursday, Hamas said a truce agreement with Israel on the Gaza Strip would most likely be announced in the next three days.

"Most of the obstacles that prevented us from reaching an agreement were resolved and an announcement of a deal is expected within three days," said Taher al-Nono, a member of Hamas's negotiating team in Cairo.

Nono said the agreement would ensure the end of all violence in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and the opening of the territory's border crossings.

Hamas demands any Gaza truce include full opening of its borders. Israel wants guarantees Hamas will be prevented from smuggling weapons into Gaza.

Earlier on Thursday, MENA said Hamas' strongman from Gaza, Mahmoud Zahar, and deputy chief Moussa Abu Marzouk from the group's Damascus branch were taking part in the negotiations in the Egyptian capital.

Egyptian intelligence chief Gen. Omar Suleiman has been trying to broker a more solid cease-fire following Israel's 22-day offensive in Gaza last month, which was launced in aim to bring Hamas's rocket firing into southern Israel to a halt.

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