dinsdag 11 november 2008

Onderbreking van brandstof levering aan Gazastrook

Omdat die in onze media altijd ontbreekt, hier Israels positie wat betreft de sluiting van de grensovergangen met Gaza en het (vermeende) electriciteitstekort.

State of Israel
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Interruption of Fuel Supplies in Gaza
10 November 2008

Since 4 November, Palestinian terrorists in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have fired 60 Kassam rockets and 20 mortar bombs at Israel.

Israel's response to the continuing barrage was to temporarily close the truck crossing points used to deliver humanitarian goods and fuel to the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has decided to exploit the situation, threatening to shut down Gaza's main power station, for the benefit of the media.

1.      Israel is committed to maintaining the state of calm and expects the Hamas to uphold its commitments - cessation of terrorism and the arms buildup.

2.      Overall responsibility for the situation in the Gaza Strip, and the suffering of the residents in particular, lies with Hamas alone. Hamas invests all of its resources in arms and terrorism instead of health, education and economy of the Gaza residents.

3.      In the last few days, Hamas has been conducting a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians that includes:
·        the firing of dozens of rockets and mortar bombs at civilian population centers, creating a serious threat to a quarter of a million Israelis living in this area;
·        planning the abduction of Israeli soldiers and civilians from Israeli soil and digging a tunnel for that purpose;
·        the continued smuggling of huge amounts of arms into the Gaza Strip, etc.

4.      The continued shooting of rockets and mortars makes it impossible for Israel to provide the Gaza Strip with all the necessary supplies. As a result of the terrorist policies of Hamas, Israel has been forced to temporarily close the truck crossing points into Gaza, which have also been targeted by Hamas terrorism.

5.      It should be noted that the supplies not provided via the truck crossing points, such as electricity and water, are still flowing into the Gaza Strip. Electricity is being provided to Gaza through 10 high power lines. A total of 124 megawatts are constantly being supplied by Israel through those lines, providing 70 % of Gaza's total needs. An additional 17 megawatts are being supplied by Egypt, constituting an additional 5% of Gaza's consumption. On average, 70-80 megawatts (only 25 % of Gaza's consumption) are produced by the Gaza power station.

6.      The cynical Hamas exploitation of the civilian population in Gaza is contemptible. There is sufficient electricity in the Gaza Strip to operate hospitals and other essential facilities. Hamas, as usual, is orchestrating a media show. For example, in the past, Hamas has been documented manipulating the media with images of children holding candles in broad daylight, in a room darkened by drawn curtains.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

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